Major Projects

See No Evil - PC Game

...incredibly thought provoking on a personal level.
— Gamezone

See No Evil is a dark, isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation

A harsh fantasy where the willingly blind are hostile to the nonconformist. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open. 

Become a Seer and explore the beautiful, mind bending, twisted fantasy that is the world around you. Guided only by a journal left in your decaying prison, and opposed by an army of those afraid of what they don't understand, you seek to learn why the world went dark.


"See No Evil is a ridiculously engaging, unconventional sound-based puzzler developed by a small team at Noetic Games that blends original and challenging gameplay with a thought-provoking premise." 4/5 - Hardcoregamer

100% programmed by william holly

All of the programming duties and half of the level design are credited to William Holly.  The graphics and the rest of the levels were the work of project lead Gabe Priske, an experienced professional graphic artist.  See No Evil also featured a soundtrack and SFX from the critically acclaimed Luke Thomas.  Holly, Priske, and Thomas all worked in close conjunction with one another to ensure that the gameplay, level design, graphics, sound design, and dynamic music system (programmed by Holly) all worked in perfect conjunction.

The end result was a unique sound-based puzzle game that was praised by fans and critics alike.  It currently holds a positive review score on Steam from consumers and mostly positive reviews on Metacritic.

"It is both pleasing and exciting to see gaming evolve as an art-form. To take a game and make it not only deliver a story, but also highlight key aspects of life and tackle some of humanity’s flaws without compromising in gameplay, takes a great deal of skill." -IN2GPU


Colorful Mold Sim

The Colorful Mold Sim program is a hobby project of William Holly.  Using mostly arbitrary functions, the program can take either a base picture or a single pixel and rapidly grow in every open direction until the screen is filled.  Every pixel that grows from the mold has a slightly different color, making the mold's growth one of psychedelic color exploration.

While the mold sim is not yet ready for public release, William Holly wants to continue working on it and uploading the videos of his experimentation for the public's viewing pleasure.  When it is completed, Holly plans to release the mold simulation and its source for free.

"I wouldn't feel right about taking money for this. It's kind of like it's the computer's art. If I were to sell this, all of the money would belong to the computer."

80's Adventure Game Engine

This was a very simple project to create an 80's style first person adventure game engine in GML.  This was originally to be used in a personal project, but the project was eventually dropped when Holly was contracted for a professional job.

The engine stands as a personal success for Holly's experiments to push Game Maker in unconventional ways.

Features of the engine:

  • Top-down map expressed in First Person view
  • View-depth of 3 map squares
  • Linear inventory system
  • NPC interaction with characteristic "voices"
  • Ability to interact with environment and inventory in multiple ways

Icon Oven

Icon Oven is an HTML5 web game collaboration between William Holly and Gabe Priske (artist and designer who worked on See No Evil).

You can play the games for free on the site, or contact for information on how to license the games for your own site!